How to use PRINCE2 ®6th Edition

The decision to implement PRINCE2 within your organisation may have a significant effect on current ways of working and consideration of this fact must be uppermost in tailoring PRINCE2 to your corporate processes and policies.

It is not just a matter of training people to use PRINCE2 but requires the provision of a sympathetic environment in which your staff can operate effectively. This may result in cultural change and thought needs to be given to change management principles.

One of the most important factors is the acceptance and buy-in from senior management of the need to be inclusive and NOT outside the scope of the PRINCE2 processes. Senior management should have a basic knowledge of the processes in PRINCE2 that affect the way they operate, in order to appreciate the need to perform their role within a project. It is preferable that a person at senior management level is appointed as ‘owner’ of the processes to ensure maintenance and compliance.

Once the decision is made to introduce PRINCE2, adopting PRINCE2 processes and adapting current processes will result in a more holistic project management environment, providing significant benefits in terms of effectiveness and efficiency of resources applied to projects.

Training, appropriate to their role, will ensure staff at all levels fully understand what they need to do within the new environment and the introduction of templates and project management information systems will enable the speedy take up of the method. Some training can be achieved through workshops as well as standard training courses.

As in all new systems, consideration should be given to the level of support needed to ensure appropriate use, which may be provided by a dedicated support office, depending on the scope of the project environment.

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